My Thesis Statement

I have colorectal cancer. And this week I finished around 5 weeks of daily radiation treatments and oral chemotherapy and I KILLED IT (the good kill).

My white blood cell counts, liver & kidney blood tests came back normal the entire time. I dealt with lots of fatigue but since I’m me – I went to work 97% of the time which is crazy but I’m me. I’ve also been working on the latest draft of my play about an-all Black girl punk band in the 1990s.

So my thesis statement is to treasure this messy, unfair, bizarre, and sometimes beautiful journey called life. I also want to add if you are in a position to do the thing or things that give you immense pleasure or to try to fulfill a major goal – DO IT NOW. My cancer diagnosis was made a little easier because I’ve spent a great deal of my life trying and succeeding in fulfilling so many of my girlhood dreams (lived in New York City, lived abroad twice, traveled around India, Southern Africa, Southeast Asia & Europe) and I’ve got more goals to accomplish like getting a play produced at the Public Theater in New York City.

My old motto was ‘Make Art or Die Tryin’ well I don’t want to die – so my new motto is FUCK CANCER, MAKE ART, LIVE BIG. And I hope you all try to manifest whatever you want in this life and live big.